Some of the most historical buildings throughout history are churches of Christ. This is due to the fact that Christianity has directly shaped the world since before the fall of Rome, and has been the foundation for every aspect of numerous societies throughout history. The church of a town, village, or city was considered to be the most important place of that town so they were built with as much funding and craftsmanship possible. Religious figure's were often said to be regarded higher than kings, and an entire kingdom would build churches that are still around today, and still some of the most marvelous creations standing on the face of the earth.

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One church of note, or more specifically cathedral (this is the name given to grandiose churches built during the middle ages) is St. Michael's Cathedral. This cathedral was built in the city of Coventry in England, and is known as the city's most popular attraction and landmark. Priests, worshipers, and funeral directors in coventry know this cathedral well and can tell you in detail, it's great history. Not only is this cathedral one of the most spectacular in England, but it is a display of recent history as well, as some of it was destroyed by German bombers during World War II. Because of this St. Micheal's has become somewhat of a tribute or symbol to those who lost their lives during the bombing.

Another cathedral of note is the Papal Archbasilica of St. John Lateran. This cathedral resides in the city of Rome, a location that is obviously famous for it's catholic background. This structure gives new meaning to the word "massive" when viewed from outside. It is a stark structure, lined with columns and statues looking down at anyone entering the building. Upon entering, the interior gives a new meaning to the word "heaven" with incredibly high, arched ceilings and one of the most awe inspiring baldacchinos in the world. Somehow the vibrant colors and polished marble has been kept in incredible condition over the years, making this cathedral seem like it was built yesterday.

Another cathedral to note in England is the Southwell Minster cathedral, a glorious building on the outside and in, with the classic stark, abrupt style that English cathedrals are known for. This Romanesque, Gothic building was finished in the year 1300, which makes sense due to it's double spires (a very popular style for cathedrals at the time). The interior of the cathedral is most famous for it's carved out foliage over entry ways and its polygonal chapter house with detailed carvings in the walls such as heads and vines. The construction of this cathedral had broken ground for cathedrals, as it influenced designers everywhere and more modern cathedrals such as the St Mary's cathedral.

St. Mary's Cathedral was built in Sidney in the late 1800's and today is one of the major landmarks of that city. It has three towers and incredibly intricate spires, residing to the right of the main entrance.